Victorian Bulldog Breed History, Health, Breeding & Differences

Victorian Bulldogs are shining stars inside the bull breed global. they’re type, docile, and soulful. They try to be your first-class friend and your favorite “hi there” whilst you get domestic from paintings.

With the sort of wonderful personality, you would assume this breed would be very famous. They aren’t, even though.

nowadays’s Victorian Bulldogs are from England and feature only been round for 40 years. they’ve solely just started out to disclose up in the usa.

that is a rare dog breed.

Do you have got what it takes to very own this Bulldog? maintain reading to examine greater about them…

what is A Victorian Bulldog?

The Victorian Bulldog is a taller, leaner, and more healthy model of an English Bulldog.

they’re much like Bulldogs of the 1800s. those puppies were used as bull bait and had nerves of steel. After bull baiting used to be banned, the breed vanished out of thin air as it was once not appropriate for companionship on account of its battle temperament.

the primary present day Victorian Bulldogs were bred solely thirty-six years ago.

Ken Mollett is credited as the unique breeder. In 1985 and 1986, he wanted to re-set up the breed he believed became extinct all through the 1800s. He knew that Victorian Bulldogs had previously existed, however they had emerge as extinct as a result of the bull baiting ban. So, he took it upon himself to re-create the misplaced breed.

His purpose was once to create a Bulldog that used to be taller friendlier, and had fewer fitness issues.

The reason used to be to create wholesome Bulldogs that might be circle of relatives partners.

Bulldogs have end up a mainstay in uk households as a result of their loving, goofy and glad temperament. however, they’re predisposed to many dangerous health conditions and ailments that maintaining tune of them may be a headache! Many may have health troubles and most of these issues are genetic.

they’re no longer antique Victorian Bulldogs

they’re the “unique” Bulldog that was used for bull baiting inside the 1800s. those dogs lived at some stage in the 1800s and were used for canine war and bull baiting. however, the breed slowly died out.

The “old” Bulldog was once in shape, wholesome, and athletic.

They had been hard, however had a soft and candy facet to them reserved for his or her family. most of the time, they were perfectly satisfied getting limitless stomach scratches!

outside of the residence, they were aggressive and ambitious. which means they might keep their floor and protect their proprietors if provoked.

Breeding Victorian Bulldogs

Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been used inside the unique breeding practices.

Victorian Bulldogs that we recognize these days are all descendants of those first bred by way of Ken Mollett.

Mollet used bull breeds together with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the English Bulldog to recreate this misplaced breed. some sources also cite that Bull Terriers and Bull Mastiffs have been used too.

Breeding dogs have been decided on solely from the United Kingdom Kennel club. This ensured that dogs might healthy within an anticipated breed popular and still have an amazing consignment of health.

He created a breed that is taller, leaner, and greater importantly healthier than the Bulldog.

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This new hybrid canine retains the cheeky, goofy, and loving personality, but is more healthy and extra proprietor-friendly.

Breed characteristics

before everything glance they are able to appearance chunky. whilst you do a double take, they appearance muscly.

One take a look at a Victorian Bulldog will heat your coronary heart and make you smile!

They appear like Bulldogs which have been stretched out and made taller. they’re a greater toned, athletic model. Their head is smaller, but they’ve an extended snout and stand 3 inches taller. they may also have fewer wrinkles.

The thick nature of bull breeds makes them chunky, but, they’re nevertheless leaner than Bulldogs. Their muscular appearance must be toned, not obese.

Their appearance can be deceiving till you actually pet and contact them. only then will you be able to truely recognize their stockiness.

As adults, Victorian Bulldogs will no longer exceed 19 inches in height or seventy five pounds in weight.

they are taller and feature larger bodies than Bulldogs, however they are shorter than Staffordshire Bull Terriers. In fact, they are a satisfied medium in terms of bull breeds!

Their coat is a unmarried layer that can be pretty dense. This breed is a median shedder but will possibly shed more for the duration of the spring and fall. The most commonplace coat shades are:





it is pretty common for them to have white markings with any of the colors above by virtue of their Staffordshire bull terrier background.

amusing facts


  • This canine is likewise referred to as the Mollett Victorian Bulldog.
  • Ken Mollett used historic paintings and photographs to get a better idea of what vintage Bulldogs as soon as gave the look of.
  • they’ll by no means be black or have any coloration combination of black.
  • This breed isn’t identified through the american Kennel membership. it is only diagnosed by means of the yank dog company and the canine Registry of the us.
  • maximum puppies may be ten pounds at just six weeks of age. they may reach full length anywhere among 1 to two years of age at no extra than seventy five pounds.
  • similar to the Bulldog, they’re regarded for being a heavy drooler.


Are Victorian Bulldogs aggressive?

they’re fiercely love and guard their families.

The Victorian Bulldog was once bred to be a accomplice canine, and that’s what they excel best at! They make magnificent own family pets because of their loving nature and goofy personality. You do not should fear about small children tough-housing a Bulldog because they’re hardy and properly-constructed.

As an amazing rule of thumb, most are very docile and sweet.

Bulldogs are very friendly and social dogs that love to head on adventures. They walk with an air of self belief and swagger.

these puppies excel at being sofa potatoes and couch browsing! They like to waste the day away by using snoozing peacefully for your furnishings. Be warned, even though, this breed is infamous for inheriting the bulldog’s tendency to snore!

they’ll want infinite cuddles and air con. Drooly and slobbery kisses are not optional; they’re mandatory to owning this canine.

it is vital to let your doggy explore out of doors of the house and meet new pals. Bulldogs can be cautious of strangers, so it’s vital to take it slow. permit your doggy and its friends to greet every different and play.

This breed likes to run and play. So, taking agility or rally classes is a exceptional way to assist socialize your pup with different human beings and dogs.

a few Victorian Bulldogs will have aggression problems if not properly trained and socialized as puppies. this would be traced lower back to the bull breeds in their blood: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Bull Mastiff. they’ve an historical history of hostilities and a few may additionally nevertheless have the ones protect canine instincts.

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fitness troubles

proudly owning this breed is a bit of cake compared to proudly owning a Bulldog (pictured)

The Victorian Bulldog lives longer on common than their English siblings. In truth, they could live 10 to 14 years even as English sorts can live 8 to 10 years.

in case you are searching for a jogging associate, this isn’t the breed for you. They do no longer have an awful lot stamina and are at risk of warmth-stroke and overheating. as a substitute, you can need to check out adopting a operating breed that loves running which include a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd.

proudly owning this dog could be very akin to proudly owning other medium-sized canine breeds, however they’re normally more healthy.

one of the most important benefits of Victorian Bulldogs is that they have got some distance fewer fitness situations. Their proper health may be attributed to their origin and breeding practices. with the aid of using multiple bull breeds, much less of the negative genetics related to the Bulldog have been inherited.

Bulldogs are vulnerable to lots of fitness situations, lots of which might be genetic:


skin infections

Laryngeal paralysis

Periodontal ailment

Bleeding issues

respiration distress syndrome

Dry eye

Cherry eye

Hip dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia

Osteochondritis dessicans

This listing of fitness issues for a Victorian Bulldog is a long way less. maximum fitness conditions seen in Victorians are associated with weight problems. In fact, weight problems can cause bone and joint troubles together with hip and elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

extended body fats can also make it challenging for this breed to breath properly.

maintaining a strict feeding agenda and the use of a splendid kibble is prime to preventing weight problems. in case you are uncertain of what food regimen is first-rate in your domestic dog, make certain to consult your breeder or neighborhood vet for suggestions.

also, you could song your canine’s boom and weight in opposition to a increase chart. based totally on your puppy’s growth, each you and your vet might be capable of exceptional tailor its nutrients.


  • Age (months) Weight (kilos)
  • three months 10-15 lbs
  • 6 months 25-40 lbs
  • 9 months 35-50
  • three hundred and sixty five days 50+ lbs


Victorian Bulldog puppies and Breeders

shopping for a domestic dog will guarantee a pleasant friend for many years.

these days there are only some well-establish breeders, so this canine is considered to be very uncommon. most breeders are placed inside the uk wherein the breed originated.

The Victorian Bulldog Registry maintains an open registry of breeders and a breed popular. It was once established within the late 1900s with the dreams of promoting ethical breeding practices and keeping the breed alive and thriving.

at present, the registry has a wait listing for prospective proprietors.

on the grounds that this breed is uncommon, and has a wait listing, it can have a heavy rate tag! that is real for French Bulldogs too, who also can have a high charge.

maximum Victorian Bulldog dogs fee between $1,500 to $three,000.

earlier than bringing a pup domestic, be sure to do your studies. some breeders might also declare they’re promoting Victorian dogs, however they turn out to be simply being Bulldog mixes. In reality, there had been instances where breeders have falsely marketed third generation Bulldog mixes as Victorian Bulldogs – they’re not!

these puppies ought to have an ancestor that lines lower back to the authentic Mollett Victorian Bulldogs.

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what’s It want to very own One?

existence with this dog is fun, comfy and laid returned! this is more often than not as a result of their poor stamina and coffee prey force. they’re at ease with a brisk 20-minute walk around your community or a brief sport of fetch within the backyard.

The Victorian Bulldog is easy to thrill.

additionally, this breed may be very circle of relatives-friendly. They play well and soar round with older infants, but they understand a way to be mild around younger children.

except having low exercising necessities, in addition they have low grooming necessities. Their brief coat does properly with weekly brushing and will shed normally at some point of the spring and fall. This breed does no longer want regular grooming appointments.

it is a fun addition to any circle of relatives who want a lazy, low-protection canine!

English vs Victorian Bulldog differences

They appear like taller Bulldogs that went on a diet.

The Victorian Bulldog is a taller, more healthy and friendlier version of a Bulldog. this is exactly what they were bred for.

An grownup male will stand among 17 to 19 inches tall, at the same time as a male Bulldog is much shorter, status at 14 to 17 inches tall. because they’re taller, in addition they weigh greater! A male can weigh sixty five to seventy five pounds vs. 50 pounds for a male Bulldog.

despite weighing extra, the Victorian Bulldog seems leaner and extra toned. this is because they had been bred with different bull breeds such as the Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. those two breeds helped them to build up greater lean muscle groups.

Bulldog size Chart

Victorian English

height sixteen to 19 inches 12 to 17 inches

Weight fifty five to 70 kilos 40 to 55 pounds

those two Bulldog breeds additionally have distinctive degrees of health.

we’ve come to love Bulldogs for their wrinkles, below chew, droopy eyelids, stubby legs, and big bodies. sadly, these functions can also cause health problems. A list of features that negatively have an effect on their health can be seen below:


  • brief and flat face – Brachycephalic airway syndrome.
  • saggy eyelids – Keratoconjunctivitis sicca.
  • short legs with a heavy body – Hip dysplasia.
  • Wrinkles – Fold dermatitis.


The Victorian Bulldog was once bred to be a more healthy version of the Bulldog. they have a purifier bill of health, but they’re not absolutely free of all health conditions. some struggle with obesity and dysplastic situations together with hip and elbow dysplasia.

They clear up the problem of the terrible health found in the Bulldog.


Victorian Bulldogs were bred to be healthy, friendly-circle of relatives pets, and that’s what they do excellent!

they are sofa potatoes and like to waste the day away dozing. Do not be surprised, although, in the event that they have a few very appropriate shielding instincts. They may be unswerving, loving, goofy, and protective.

Ken Mollett first bred Victorian Bulldogs within the late 1900s after the breed vanished out of thin air in the course of the 1800s. He wanted to create a breed that was larger, leaner, friendlier and less at risk of disease than the cutting-edge Bulldog.

by using adopting a Victorian Bulldogs, you are including a pet on your circle of relatives so as to be cherished by means of all. however, do your research earlier to shopping for one to make sure it’s miles actually a Victorian. by virtue of their rarity, this breed could have a totally high charge tag.

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