Maine Coon Cat : Price, Body Care, Facts & Personality Traits

 The Maine Coon is a unique cat that is known for its size, dustiness, and curiosity. Also known as Coon cats, these cats feature the essential benefits that every owner needs. They are cats that adapt slowly to the home environment, very intelligent, easy to share new ideas and easy to get along with other pets.They are also athletic and very strong.

How much does a Maine Coon cost in India? 

The cost of a Maine Coon in India is around Rs. It was 15,000 wins and 20,000 wins including postage.

Events Affect Mane Coon’s Value in India

Before adopting or buying a Maine Coon, you need to think about your cat’s diet to avoid obesity.

You need to properly train your cat with cat exercises.

As a chubby cat, the Maine Coon can quickly disturb or injure household items.

Make sure to keep valuables and supplies away from these animals. Finally, the Maine Coon enjoys interactive training with his family. Plan to provide an interactive play area for your cat to have fun and grow with.

Now let’s talk about the factors that affect the value of the Maine Coon.


As a result, kittens with good health information are more expensive than kittens who need more care.

Fortunately, Maine Coons are often considered healthy animals.

However, you can suffer from conditions such as obesity, hip dysplasia, stomatitis, hypertrophy, cardiomyopathy, periodontal disease, spinal muscular atrophy, and polycystic kidney disease. state of birth

By law, Maine Coon breeders cost more than subsequent breeders.

Buying from registered breeders means a higher percentage than buying from unregistered breeders.

The registered breeders finally provide their kittens with a healthy diet, receive the necessary vaccines and lead a sedentary lifestyle like buying the best cats and cat toys.

Registered breeders can also check the health of kittens by examining cats for defects.

Vaccination records

All cats should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of disease. Vaccinated kittens will cost more because the caregiver has invested in their health.

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Alternatively, you can vaccinate an unvaccinated (non-verbal) baby. The cost should be the same as purchasing the kitten vaccine.

Be sure to ask the customer for a copy of the kitten’s vaccination record. In addition, ask your veterinarian to verify the accuracy of your vaccination record. good cat

The best kittens with good health information, a vaccination record and a genetic certificate are then expensive.

Purebred and premium kittens are the most expensive as their pedigree status is widely recognized and they have an impeccable health record.

Certificate of Obedience Status

If you choose to buy from a registered breeder, you must complete a pedigree certification. The certificate certifies that the cat is purebred.

As a result, a Maine Coon certificate costs more than an unsecured one. Buying a kitten with mixed genetics means that it won’t have the right behavior or the animal’s body.

History of the Maine Coon

The breeder takes its name from Maine, which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

There is a lot of speculation about the origins of the Maine Coon.

One theory describes Maine Coons as the descendants of longhair cats crossed with short cats. Another way to think that the Vikings brought them to North America. However, Maine Coons cannot interbreed the cat and the raccoon. The only Maine Coons like raccoons are their brown tabby coats.

There is a recording of a black and white Maine Coon called Captain Jenks of Mounted Marines in 1861.

In 1895, a Maine Coon named Best Cat participated in a cat show at Madison Square Garden.

A Maine Coon named Molly Bond is the fifth cat to be registered when the Cat Lovers Association was formed in 1908. Maine Coon fame plummeted over the next 50 years amid the turmoil of exotic Siamese and wonderful Persian cats.

Things got better in the 1960s and the Maine Coon is considered one of the favorite cats.


The Maine Coon is a large furry cat that looks great in cold weather.

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The body is muscular, with a broad chest, mid-length legs, large rounded legs and a long beard.

The hair is longer on the legs and abdomen and shorter on the shoulders. The tail is also long and hairy.

The median head is as long as its width and is adorned with a small triangular muzzle.

The ears are wide at the base and point towards the tip. They also have fur.

The eyes are large and pointed, coppery, green, green-gold or golden. A two-tone or white Maine Coon can have blue eyes.

The biggest jacket color for this brand is the brown tabby model.

Other colors include black, red, white and pink and white, blue and white, turtle shell and two colors of calico.

temperament and attitude

Maine Coons love to be with their family and have a dog-loving nature.

Far from being miserable and passionate about listening, Maine Coos loves to have fun but doesn’t beg. If you are not busy with your job, this cat will probably be waiting for you, without you crying or crying.

These are not lap cats, but coon cats like to sit near people. As they are bad hunters, they are very useful in escaping pesky rodents from their homes.

Maine Coons retain their smart skills by playing with toys when they are not hunting mice. Maine Coons can usually be found on the ground and not on trees or tall furniture. All Maine Coons love to play, but males are smarter, more amazing, and more worthy than females.

While not the most vocal cat, Maine Coons communicate with both low and high frequencies.


Maine Coons need daily play days to inspire their wits and natural instincts for exploration and hunting.

Coons are smart, so you will have no problem training and working. But training takes patience and a lot of understanding. Clicker training is going well with the Maine Coon. Using this technique in combination with good support allows your cat to quickly learn new things.

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Kittens receive the best training when they are young because they are quick learners, but that doesn’t mean children can’t be trained. Even older cats can learn new skills.

Your kitten will want to join the clicker with something cool. So give your cat a treat for each click and repeat the process. Keep your training short, because cats have short care.

Once Kitty knows the importance of the remote, she can include simple instructions and commands such as “side” and “from”. Just say a command and press the remote. When your cat obeys you, give her a treat. When he knows the basic instructions, he can more easily teach advanced skills such as high five and four shakes.

body care

Maine Coon’s hair should be brushed daily to avoid dullness. Brush your teeth at least twice a week and check your ears weekly for foreign objects, wax, or any signs of infection.

If you plan to have more than one cat, be sure to clean the litter box and set the box separately.

Maine Coons need to drink plenty of fluids every day. Make sure your cat’s bowl is always full of water, and if your cat isn’t drinking from the bowl, turn on the faucet if you can.

Do Maine Coons’ eyes change color?

 Baby Maine Coons have blue eyes that typically turn green, brassy, ​​or golden as they age. Their eyes do not change color when they are older.

How do you know if the Main Coon is a hybrid? Examine your cat’s body type, size, eyes, ears, hair, fur, paws, tail, and posture. However, genetic testing is the most accurate way to tell if cats are mixed breed. Purebred Maine Coons exhibit key physical characteristics in the “Elimination” section.

Want to walk your Maine Coon? Maine Coons love to walk. So investing in a platform that lets you walk your cat may be worth it.

Get ready to catch one of the biggest cats you can see. Even though they are bigger, these furry cats are the most delicious!

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