Hamsters as Pet – Cost, Type, Legality, Temperament & More

For many people, hamsters are good animals. They are cute, cuddly, don’t think too much, and burn off energy as they roll their favorite wheels.

For new owners, they can make great pets and have a lot of fun. Read on as we’ve covered everything you need to know to make an informed decision before receiving.

How much does a hamster cost in India?

The price of a hamster in India ranges from 500 to 4,500 rupees depending on the type, location and location of the pet store and other equipment to be purchased with, such as the recipe for food.

Estimated Cost of Cleaning Hamsters in India

The cost of managing your hamster depends on many factors, we have mentioned a few things here that will help give you some good advice.

In addition to the price of the hamster, the regular costs that you have to pay are as follows.

A basket costs Rs. 1,500 rupees 3,500 depending on the size and design. When you get the basket, get some toys as well as some decorations. The cost is around Rs. 500. A hamster water bottle costs Rs. 350 rupees 700. Hamster wheels are a must have accessory for small animals and Rs. 450 rupees 1000.

For your pet to sleep well at night, Rs. 500. The price usually depends on the fabric and the quality of the bed. Additionally, the bed should be changed at least once every two months or as directed by your vet. The cost of food for a small hamster is about $ 1 million. 500 per month, depending on how you feed it.

Are hamsters good animals?

For many people, hamsters are good animals. They don’t need a lot of grooming, they ride on their favorite wheels, burn for energy, and they’re cuddly and cute. They make excellent pets for children. hamster

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As you know there are many different types of hamsters and you need to know what type of hamster you want.

Chinese dwarf hamster

The Chinese hamster is not a really smart person, but people call it a dwarf when compared to a Syrian hamster. Well, in fact, all breeds of hamsters are called dwarves when compared to Syrians.

Adults can grow up to three to five inches long, not including the tail. Chinese hamsters have longer tails than other types of dogs. The tail can reach 3 cm. Hammy’s long tail makes him look like a mouse.

These animals are available in a variety of color options, including brown and black, with dark stripes on the spine and white underbelly.

There may be some black and gray colors in the background. This type of hamster is native to China and Mongolia. dwarf campbell hamster

This hamster is about 4 inches tall and taller than robo. Many people are mistaken for the Siberian Dwarf, but there are ways to tell the difference between the two.

Campbell hamsters have the same body color as robots or Chinese hamsters. He has brown fur with fine dark stripes on the back. The dwarf Campbell’s belly is gray, not white, and the legs are hairy. The jaw pockets of these animals reach the paws and do not protrude from the mouth. Campbell hamster coats do not change color from winter to summer. They are mainly found in China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Siberian or white winter dwarf hamster

Siberian hamsters as big as Campbell’s, which confuses a lot of people. Because Siberian hamsters turn white in winter, it is also called Winter White, and the Djungarian hamster takes its name from the Chinese Legian where this hamster lives. This hamster breed is approximately 4 inches tall. The Hammy color is greyish white on the back, dark stripes on the back and very dark on the head. It has a white belly and different colors compared to other species.

You may see all-white Siberians or all-gray hamsters with white or dark fur with pale yellow lines along the spine.

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What do hamsters eat?

The best food for hamsters is pellet food. Fill your hamster bowl three-quarters full with a full meal and feed it daily.

You can eat vegetables like kale, zucchini, grated carrots, and collard greens on a daily basis. To avoid overeating, give them enough vegetables and fruit to eat in 4 hours.

Always give water to both liquid hamsters and happy hamsters. Most people wonder how many hamsters to eat. We will answer them for you.

hamster lifespan

Hamsters typically live 1 to 2 years, but some live up to 3 years. Blind up to 2 weeks and weaning from 3 to 4 weeks.

Female hamsters typically give birth to 2 to 3 juveniles (baby hamsters) per year. They do not waste time during mating. In other words, if you put a male and female hamster in a cage, both male and female will get pregnant faster. The gestation period can be up to 20 days.

Character and play of the hamster

Hamsters are very strong, so it’s important to make sure they have wheels or balls for strength training. Since hamsters are animals during the day, noises can be heard at night when exerting the force of the wheel.

They love to do cardio, so give them a wheel or a ball. Watch him as he works. Hamsters like to keep clean. Most of the time, you can see him washing his face and washing his feet and ears on his own. No need for help.

How to take care of a hamster?

If you’ve just received a cute hamster into your family, here are some caring tips you should know.

Choose your location

Your little Hammy should have a nice and safe home. Inner tubes, wheels, accessories and add-ons keep you comfortable. Buy beds and choose a large bottle of water (like a 150-200ml no-chew bottle) for them to sleep on.

Put the place in a nice place.

Putting them in place is essential to make them happy. Keep your home close to the voices of your family.

They realize that the voices of their families will keep them at home and comfort them, but they can also be distracted by noise.

Cover the house with a light cloth for a few days.

When you bring a boyfriend home, everything is new. Give them time to adjust to their new address.

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Let them explore their new home and put a clear sheet over the bed to keep them away.

Don’t wait for the first day.

It will take some time for your cute friend to feel comfortable. So do not keep it and leave it free for a few days.

Give them food and water for a few days and they will start to trust you. When you feel comfortable, look for other foods to feed.

Just like we don’t eat the same food every day, your adorable friend may like different foods too.

In addition to traditional foods, we offer small vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkins, strawberries, melons, pears and apples. Talk to your vet about other foods before feeding him.

Clean the area regularly.

Keep your hamster’s area clean, but don’t overdo it. You can:


  • Daily cleaning around the bathroom
  • Change beds as needed (wet and dirty)
  • Clean up your meal plan every week
  • Clean your water bottle every week.
  • Remove the area weekly with soap and water.
  • Get new beds every two weeks.
  • Give yourself time to get out of the shelter.


They are very powerful animals, so give them plenty of time to play and exercise outside of their habitat. You can create a gathering place with toys and snacks so they can play whenever they want. Make sure to watch them when they leave their home.

with your lovely friend

Being patient, eating a lot, spending a lot of time talking, and speaking slowly will help you get along with them. Always be gentle and kind. They will recognize your scent and your voice and find comfort in you.

Treat your hamster with care

Always hold the hamster with both hands and squeeze it with your cupped hands. Follow them as you release them and be careful not to distract them from your hands.

Before you get them, make sure they are understandable night and time.

Are hamsters legal in India?

Hamsters are legal in India. According to the Animal Welfare Act 2016, hamsters are called animals and it is legal by themselves in India.

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