Blue Bay Shepherd: Everything You Need To Know

Blue Bay Shepherds are a form of wolf-canine shepherd mix. they’re different from maximum shepherd puppies we nowadays recognize and love.

Blue Bays had been first bred to appear like a wolf, however besides the wild temperament. They have been first bred through Vicki Spencer in the Nineties. Vicki desired a blue wolf dog with a candy personality appropriate for households.

The Blue Bay lineage can be traced back to a wolf-dog and blue German Shepherd blend. however, the current breeding inventory is now stored a secret.

want to research greater about this uncommon and luxurious wolf shepherd? hold reading…

what is A Blue Bay Shepherd?

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a new form of German Shepherd blend.

Blue Bays had been first bred in Palm Bay, Florida, for this reason the name. The “blue” part of their call describes their stunning blue coat. This rare blue color is present in its blue German Shepherd figure.

This breed has been in improvement for the ultimate 20 years. the first breeder Vicki Spencer spent many years seeking for the right German Shepherds and wolf-puppies before officially beginning the Blue Bay line.

The unique was once a cross between a blue-coated German Shepherd and a Southern Breeze wolf-dog. The “Southern Breeze Wolf” is a mixture of an east timber wolf and an inequality of unknown canine breeds.

since the first technology, Vicki has added other breeds to the gene pool. however, she has saved the breeds a mystery from the general public. modern owners suspect that Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies have also been introduced to the mix.

modern-day Blue Bay Shepherds are more often than not a German Shepherd mix:

German Shepherd – 60%

Unknown breeds – 22%

eastern wooden Wolf-canine – 6%

Alaskan Malamute – 6%

Siberian Husky – 6%

Blue Bay Shepherds were bred to create a canine with the advent of a wolf, except the aggressive temperament that may be present in wolf-puppies or German shepherds. the first German Shepherds used to begin the breeding program had been especially chosen for their loving personality and gentile, calm nature.

Breeders purposefully selected German Shepherd puppies that have been now not recognised for their guarding capacity. Guarding is once in a while notion to be connected with aggression, and that is being purposefully bred out.

The blue German Shepherds used additionally have been American Kennel club licensed and determined to no longer have any of the genetic health issues that plague many German Shepherds these days.

via deciding on those dogs, the Blue Bay Shepherd might be a sweeter, greater wolf-like, more healthy shepherd canine.

Breeding software

Vicki Spencer is each the founder and the sole contemporary breeder of Blue Bay Shepherds. She lives at present on the Southern Breeze Ranch in which she has been working for the past two decades on the development of this breed.

Vicki had continually expected a shepherd dog with a blue fur coat, a loving, gentle personality and top notch fitness. however, she used to be unhappy with the modern-day personality, color, and fitness troubles gift in the widespread German Shepherd.

She set to resolve those troubles through creating a brand new breed.

Vicki commenced developing her best dog the use of wolf-puppies and blue German Shepherds.

In March 2011 Vicki bred the primary Blue Bay Shepherd, but the breed still has an extended thanks to pass.

The remaining aim for Vicki is to have the Blue Bay breed registered with the yank Kennel club and be formally diagnosed.

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Technically they are now not at present an professional breed. that is because each dog is a unique blend of other officially identified breeds and wolf-puppies. it’s miles thinking that she is on the 5th era of breeding inventory.

at present there is a “mystery recipe” for the breeding program. All this is recognized is that the first few generations were wolf-dogs and blue German Shepherds.

they are still formally of their improvement phase.

As of 2021, an F2 Blue Bay has no longer been bred. this means she has now not but mated 2 Blue Bay Shepherds collectively. She remains in modern times crossing Blue Bays with different breeds.

Are They Purebred?

A purebred canine is a dog whose parents are each the equal breed.

all the cutting-edge Blue Bay Shepherds are technically mixed breeds, they’re now not purebred. The unique blend used to be a blue German Shepherd and a wolf-canine hybrid. in keeping with the founder, the Blue Bay Shepherd is admittedly an authentic German Shepherd. The unique studbooks for German Shepherds included pass breeding to wolves.

The breeding software will continue to mix different breeds into the gene pool till the arrival, temperament, and personality meet the authentic desires.

not being a purebred canine is not a terrible component!

Blue Bay Shepherds have an exceptionally various genetic historical past due to the fact they’re a mixture.

this means they’re plenty less vulnerable to the genetic diseases which might be commonplace inside the purebred German Shepherd population within the US. The founder particularly chooses puppies for their top notch genetic background.

Do Blue Bay Shepherds Have Wolf in Them?

Blue Bay Shepherds are element wolf, 6% in their genetics come from the japanese wood wolf.

The authentic wolfdogs that produced the first generation have been approximately 50-60% wolf. The 0.33 generation were about 15% wolf. past the fourth generation, it is anticipated that they are currently ~6% wolf.

Vicki wants to keep around 6% wolf for the final genetic profile.

Blue Bay Shepherds are specially combined with wolf-puppies which are element japanese wooden wolf (canine lupis lycaon). The eastern wood wolf was once selected as a result of its blue coat that doesn’t fade with age. They tend to become even more wolf-like as they age.

that is as a result of the japanese wooden wolf that is of their bloodline. eastern wooden wolves tend to be blue whilst they are young. Their blue colour appears to last 6-8 years on common. At around eight years of age, they begin to benefit more silver and white in their coat.

Purebred blue German Shepherds can trade from blue to a silvery gray within their first few years.


you may spot a Blue Bay Shepherd nearly immediately!

The fashion in their coat is traditional of a German Shepherd’s, but it will be exceptionally blue in colour. it’s far less deep blue and greater of an ashy bluish grey. they also have beautiful eyes which might be completely distinct to the breed; they are constantly faded, ranging from inexperienced to hazel.

Their trendy appearance from a distance could be very wolf like.

The authentic intention was once to create a dog that seems like a wolf.

Blue Bay Shepherds are specially wolf-like of their look. some of the early generations are nearly indistinguishable from a wolf.

All Blue Bays have three things all of them seem to have in commonplace:

Very mild-colored eyes.

Signature blue fur coat.

Wolf like appearance with a mane of fur around their face.

Blue Bay Shepherds are recognised for their display stopping eyes. Their eye shade can variety from a faded inexperienced to hazel or even a faded blue. they’re very different from the darkish brown eyes of a regular German Shepherd.

Their blue coat is likewise a marvelous ashy blue-gray. this is specific from the numerous blue colours of German Shepherd. Their fur can also become ashier and more silver with time making them seem even greater wolf like.

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they’ve a furry mane framing their face and evidently pointy, upright ears.

Blue Bay Shepherds also are a very huge breed. girls run from 70 to eighty five kilos and adult males are on common eighty five to one zero five kilos. a number of the primary generation mixes are over one hundred thirty kilos! some small german shepherds were acknowledged to weigh just 50 pounds.

Temperament and personality

Blue Bay Shepherds have been bred specifically to be circle of relatives dogs.

in modern times they’re now not used for any unique motive apart from to snuggle and love on their proprietors. in spite of their wolf lineage, their personalities are distinctly very sweet and cuddly.

Vicki desired the breed to be circle of relatives pets with very gentle temperaments.

certainly else Blue Bay Shepherds are specially bred for their temperament. all of the dogs which are a part of the breeding application are very calm and candy puppies that love people. that is even real for the wolf-canine hybrids that had been used inside the unique lineage.

They may be pleasant and get along notable with strangers.

however, they need to be socialized well.

dogs in preferred need to be socialized as soon as they are completely vaccinated. due to the reality that Blue Bay Shepherds are component wolf, this socialization level is indispensable.

Socializing a Blue Bay doggy will make sure that each one of the sweet loving traits common of their breed can be absolutely gift. those traits must now not be shadowed by using worry of the unknown.

In widespread, the appropriate proprietor of a Blue Bay Shepherd is one so one can spend a number of time with them and expose them to other dogs and small kiddies early.

Leaving this breed on my own for long durations of time can motive competitive unwanted behaviors, mainly whilst they are younger. Being shepherd dogs, they do require an lively life-style and plenty of attention.

some proprietors file that they could grow to be unfavorable in their yards while left alone. this is maximum likely due to boredom and an inability to redirect their electricity in the direction of something greater effective.

The breeding software currently suits each puppy with a family this is first-rate for that doggy’s temperament and character. the everyday owner of a Blue Bay Shepherd is extremely energetic and loves to play. a few are avid outdoorsmen and meet their Blue Bay’s activity degree thru trekking.

Blue Bay Shepherds love to move for lengthy hikes and feature plenty of area to run and play.

7 thrilling Blue Bay Shepherd data

1. A Blue Bay Shepherd is a part Wolf

the first generation was once approximately 30% wolf. The authentic wolf-puppies that produced the first technology of Blue Bay Shepherds have been approximately 50-60% wolf.

they are nowadays approximately 6% wolf. 6% is good so as for them to act more like dogs, and less like wolves. The more wolf a dog has, the more timid and doubtlessly competitive they may be toward strangers.

2. males can be Over 100 pounds

males are on common between eighty five and one zero five pounds. large adult males can develop to over 130 pounds. ladies run smaller at between 70 to eighty five pounds.

Their length, mixed with their wolf-like appearance, may be scary to strangers. because of this they require right education and an owner which can manipulate them in any given state of affairs.

3. One domestic dog expenses Over $2,five hundred

there’s in modern times only one breeder of Blue Bay Shepherds, this makes them extraordinarily rare. Their fee isn’t officially disclosed, but, contemporary owners document paying around $2,five hundred-$3,000 per doggy.

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each pup comes with a certificates this is signed by way of the breeder for authenticity. The breed will continue to be in its developmental degree for several extra years.

4. they’re Sweethearts

Blue Bay Shepherds are regarded for their very affectionate personalities. they’re recognised to like human beings, in spite of having wolf of their blood.

5. Adults want One Hour Of daily workout

Blue Bay Shepherds need an proprietor that could spend masses of time playing with them and giving them masses of time to workout.

they are no longer bred to be farm puppies, just like the authentic German Shepherds, but they are component German Shepherd. this means they love to run round and be exterior. If they are now not allowed enough time to exercise, they had been recognized to be damaging.

6. Unsocialized dogs can be aggressive

these dogs must be accurately socialized, or they could grow to be aggressive.

most of them love human beings, in particular their families. however, they are very impressionable through bad reviews. some were mentioned to be canine and stranger-aggressive.

7. They Shed!

Blue Bays have an undercoat and will shed for the duration of the yr, just like German Shepherds. but, their shedding is extra mild than the common German Shepherd, this could be due to the integration with the wolf-dogs.

they are now not a canine suitable for someone with allergic reactions.

Blue Bay Shepherd vs German Shepherd variations

Blue Bay Shepherd vs German Shepherd

these puppies are approximately 60% German Shepherd.

A Blue Bay Shepherd could be very unique than the German Shepherd that most of the people recognise.

German Shepherds were originally bred as sheep herding puppies for farmers in Germany. They had been designed to be a working dog. these days, the German Shepherd isn’t always used for sheep herding, but it is nonetheless a running canine. it could be used for police, army, and service work.

Blue Bay Shepherds are bred to be circle of relatives puppies, no longer for paintings.

for the reason that German Shepherd was not bred with character in thinking, they may be timid closer to strangers and sometimes competitive. This isn’t always recognised among Blue Bay Shepherds. even though, both puppies are known to be unfavourable whilst now not exercised.

The blue German Shepherd has end up very uncommon. this is partly owing to its unpopularity, but also those which are born blue tend to turn out to be a silver-grey color with age.

Blue Bay Shepherds are component blue but are a great deal more of an ashy-blue. This makes them very extraordinary in look than a regular shepherd.

eventually, the fee of these two dogs is distinctive.

German Shepherds can range somewhere from $five hundred to $1,500 relying at the breeder. it’s also clean to discover rescues that paintings in particular with German Shepherds, in case you are interested in adopting an grownup.

Blue Bay Shepherds cost $2,five hundred and $3,000 in line with dog. It isn’t feasible to undertake a rescue.


The Blue Bay Shepherd is a brand new kind of Shepherd canine that was once first bred via Vicki Spencer.

Her purpose used to be to create a healthier Shepherd-kind canine with a wild wolf-like appearance and gentle persona.

Blue Bays are a completely unique breed. all of them have an ashy bluish grey coat and light green eyes.

Blue Bay Shepherds are not a purebred canine. The original go was once 1/2 wolf-dog and half of blue German Shepherd blend. There can be different breeds which have for the reason that been added to the lineage, however the founder has saved this a mystery.

despite their wolf history, their personalities are very sweet and cuddly. they’re recognised to snuggle and love on their proprietors. however, they must be socialized to forestall worried and aggressive behaviors.

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